SVM Mirror failing to synchronize


We are getting frequent failures with mirror synchronization, happening almost everyday. It fails with error saying - connection refused by the server. We want to troubleshoot it further, where the exact issue is and need your help for that. This is affecting our team productivity in a big way.

svnmirror log is attached.

Vishalsvnmirror.log (8.4 MB)

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Hello Vishal,

the error svn: E175002: connection refused by the server actually means that the SVN server refuses the connection so the add-on is not able to get data from the SVN server. It actually comes not from the add-on internals, it’s just actual error connecting the server, so the first place to check on is the SVN server and the connection between SVN server and the Bitbucket Server. Could you please advise have you checked out web server logs on the SVN Server for any errors? Are there any clues in logs why it refuses the connection?

No we have not yet checked SVN logs, as we do not have access … but we will get that checked. So you are sure that this is not a network issue like reachability to SVN but it is the SVN server itself not accepting the incoming connection, this is what we wanted to confirm before going to SVN team for logs.


Hi Vishal,

not really, it can be a network issue, too. Probably, I haven’t explained it clear enough, sorry for that. The error actually means that the add-on does not receive a response that it expects, but it’s hard to say for sure what is the reason for that, it could be either network problems, SVN server issue, or even both. What I was trying to emphasize was that it would worth to check SVN server logs for errors on its side, but the network connection is under suspicion, anyway.