A new version of the SVN Mirror app has been released!

A new version of the SVN Mirror app for Bitbucket Server/Data Center has been released! This one contains quite a few improvements in the SVN management and compatibility.

  • If Git commit contains ASCII control characters, they are removed
  • SVN protocol fix: URL-encode path before sending DELETE http request via HttpV2 protocol
  • Report correct base revision for HTTP protocol
  • Support for newer SSH algorithms based on Apache sshd library
  • SSL certificates problem fixed for Amazon Corretto 11 JDK
  • “svnkit.http.methods” JVM property now has priority over “http-auth-types” option of “servers” file
  • The order of supported auth types from “http-auth-types” option of “servers” file is now used
  • Other fixes in SVN support.

Note, that this is the first SVN Mirror version to be released in three different branches to ensure compatibility with various versions of Bitbucket Server/Data Center:

  • For Bitbucket 4x-5x, use SVN Mirror v.3.5.0
  • For Bitbucket 6x-7x, use SVN Mirror v. 4.0.7
  • For Bitbucket 8x and above, use SVN Mirror v.5.0.2

All versions are available at the Atlassian Marketplace.