Are git users who pushed to branches that isn't synced to svn counted as licensed users?

Hello TMate

We are using starter lisence. We used the command “subgit configure --layout directory” for setup because we just wanted to sync svn trunk to git master(main) branch.
I have a question about license. Are git users who pushed to branches that isn’t synced to svn (in our case, other than master) counted as licensed users?

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Hiroyuki Aikawa

Hello Hiroyuki,

no, only users who pushes to mirrored branches are being counted as licensed users.

Thank you Ildar.
It is the specification I expected.

There’s one more thing I’d like to ask you about.
In the following case, is userA counted as licensed user?

  1. branchA is created from one of a revision on master.
  2. userA commits on branchA.
  3. branchA is merged into master by userB.
  4. Master is pushed.

o committer: userB
| \
| o committer: userA
| /
o committer: userC

Hello Hiroyuki,

if depends on how the mirror is configured and how the branches are created and merged. If both branches A and master are pushed to the mirrored SubGit repository, then userA is counted. If only
master is pushed to the mirrored repo, then it depends how the A was merged – if it was an ff merge, for example, then userA will be counted; if, on contrary, it was a squash commit, the userA is not counted as the commit will appear in the mirrored repository authored by userB. The base line here is that if a user appears as an author of a commit pushed to mirrored repository, then they is counted as a licensed user.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I understand.