Are You working on SVN Mirror for BitBucket Cloud?

Interested in SVN Mirror. New to using JIRA cloud. would like to use as much of the code integration as possible for managing JIRA issues with code commit comments. My team has no experience with GIT. Not running Bitbucket yet and it seems like the server platform is being retired… Wondering if your plugin will work with Bitbucket cloud or if you will have a cloud version soon?

Hi Jeff,

Atlassian is going to eliminate Server editions, indeed, but the DataCenter editions will still there, so on-premise Bitbucket (and Jira) edition is still available. As for the Bitbucket cloud – I’m afraid we don’t have a version of SVN Mirror add-on that could be installed in Bitbucket cloud and we have no plans to release such a version. However, it’s still possible to establish a mirror between SVN repository and a Git repository on Bitbucket cloud using our SubGit tool – this is a command-line tool that provides the same SVN-to-Git mirroring functionality as SVN Mirror add-on, but unlike the add-on which works with Bitbucket server only, SubGit can work with almost any Git servers. Such a setup - SubGit mirror to a Git cloud – would require some additional configuration, here is an article that describes the setup:

It describes a setup for GitHub, but it actually applies to any remote Git service, including Bitbucket cloud. Shortly, such a setup would require an interim SubGit server that would interlink SVN and Bitbucket repositories thus keeping the in sync.

Hope it will help; but don’t hesitate to contact us had had you got any questions or issues.