Author of a commit while creating a new branch

Hi everyone,

We have noticed strange behavior during the creation of a new branch in Git.

1- Create a new branch => git checkout -b branches/XXX
2- Push the branch => git push --set-upstream origin branches/XXX

During step 2, Subgit is creating an SVN Commit that creates the branch. The author of this commit is not the creator of the branch but the name of the author of the last commit done on our repository.
It is very confusing for someone to see his name on a commit that he has not done.

Are there any options to prevent this? We are using the Subgit version 3.3.8 build 4337.

Best regards,

Hi Julien,

thank you for reporting that issue.

I’d like to note that version 3.3.8 is pretty old, we have just released 3.3.11, it may worth considering upgrade to the latest version.
The issue itself looks for me as if SubGit sets not the author of the last commit, but rather it sets the username that is used to login to SVN, can it be the case? If yes, then it’s most probably the known issue that may be present if the SVN repository is accessed over svn protocol or http(s) and SVN
server 1.7.20, 1.8.12 or 1.9.0 or later is used. If that is the case, then to set correct author name in SVN the then pre-revprop-change hook has to be enabled in the SVN repository. That requirement is introduced by SVN and that’s why we need to make some changes on SVN side.
If, on the other hand, SubGit sets correct authors names in all other cases but the case of creating a new branch, then it may be another issue that would need investigation. If that’s the case, could you please share SubGit logs from an affected repository and some of an examples of such a branch creation.