Azure DevOps support

We have a team that currently uses SVN hosted on beanstalkapp, and would be migrating to an Azure DevOps git repo. Is this a configuration you would support as we don’t have the ability to install packages on the Git Server.

Brett Goldman

Hello Brett,

thank you for reaching out to us on that matter.

Actually, SubGit requires direct file access to the Git repository, which obviously is not possible with cloud-based Git services like Azure DevOps. So it is not possible to use SubGit directly on Azure DevOps, but nonetheless it’s still possible to use SubGit for such a migration yet it would require an interim SubGit server. Here is our documentation article that describes such a setup:

TMate SubGit: SubGit for GitHub

it describes GitHub as an example, but the approach is the same for any remote Git service, including Azure DevOps.

Hope it will help.