Can I combine REV and a repo name in the configure command?

In our proof of concept system I used REV=XXXX to only mirror from a certain point onwards.

When I did this and rand the install the mirror completed and worked well.

The only issues was that the repo was named “REV=XXXX” which was not ideal.

I am trying to redo the mirror for our production system but I get an error when using REV=XXX and specifying a repo name.

Is there a way I can specify the revision and repo name at the same time?

Hello Steve,

actually, SubGit does not recognise patterns like ‘REV=XXXX’ neither in configuration file nor in configure/import/install commands. SubGit is able to start import from an arbitrary revision, but this revisions has to be set in svn.minimalRevision setting in SubGit configuration file, like:

     minimalRevision = 64880

This can be done manually by editing the configuration file or during the initial SubGit repository configuration with the ‘configure’ command:

subgit configure --minimal-revision 64880 --svn-url <Actual SVN URL>

The repository name can also be set in the ‘configure’ command, SubGit expects it after SVN repository URL in the command:

subgit configure [--minimal-revision REV] [--shared-daemon SHARED_DAEMON_PATH] [--layout MODE] [--trunk PATH ] SVN_REPOS_URL_OR_PATH [GIT_REPOS_PATH]

So, to set both the minimal revision and the SubGit repository name, use the following command:

subgit configure --minimal-revision 64880 --svn-url <Actual SVN URL> <GIT repository name>