Can subgit fetch null object when svn to git

Hello, guys

I met a problem below, I am suspecting that subgit is not allowed to fetch null objects(file, directory), can you confirm? thank you!

[2020-10-26 16:41:27.938][subgit-install][1] successfully received ‘branches/maintenance/SBTS19B/uri/test/py/tests/’ with size=161466
[2020-10-26 16:41:27.940][subgit-install][1] successfully received ‘branches/maintenance/SBTS19B/uri/test/py/tests/’ with size=3536
[2020-10-26 16:41:27.947][subgit-install][1] Object must not be null!
com.syntevo.svngitkit.core.b.a: Object must not be null!