Can we modify the Branch Name which already mirrored

Hi Team

below is my branch mapping settings and branch names are master and branch-1 and i wanted to rename the branch in Bitbucket for the master to master-trunk and branch-1 to 7.1.1 , is this possible ?

trunk = trunk:refs/heads/master
branches = branches/branch-1:refs/heads/branch-1

if I update the above branch mapping settings to below new configurations is the Syncing process will start from scratch? or it will updated it with the old synch?

trunk = trunk:refs/heads/master-trunk
branches = branches/branch-1:refs/heads/7.1.1

Manju NS

Hi Manju,

yes, it’s possible. Rename the branch in a working copy, push it to server, and change the mapping after that, the rename should be picked up correctly.