Checksum Error in File

we are using SVN mirror to link up one SVN directories to bitbucket to be able to link the commits to jira in the end. We recently got a disturbance in the network that seem to have caused a checksum problem of a file. Since we don’t have any commits in git itself, the repos cannot diverge and my plan was to just rebuild the subgit repo on the bitbucket server. However i am not able to find the subgit binary to execute and am not 100% sure how to rebuild the index.

Does anybody here have some quick pointers to find the file and rebuild the repo overwriting the corrupted file. I also have the file in question directly from the SVN available, so if it’s easier i could essentially just overwrite that particular file and try to resync.



could you please advise which exact tool you are using, SubGit command-line tool or SVN Mirror add-on for Bitbucket server? If that’s SubGit, the binary can be found here:

If that’s about SVN Mirror add-on, then the best way is to upgrade or re-install it from Atlassian Marketplace.

I’m afraid that just replacing the file may not be the best way to resolve the issue, rebuilding the repository is the most right way, especially for a mirrored repository. If can be done either on the Support tab in the add-on UI:

it allows setting a revision number to rebuild the repository from to not to rebuild the whole repository. The best practice is to take a revision a couple of revisions earlier than the problematic one.
It also possible do the same with SubGit, too:

subgit install --rebuild-from-revision REV_NO REPO

where REV_NO is the revision number to rebuild the repository from and the REPO stands for the repository path.

Hope this will help.