Commit with changes to untracked branch and tracked branch causes error

Sync fails with error:

error: svn: E204900: File build doesn't exist but should
error: File build doesn't exist but should

trying to sync a commit where someone made a change to two files:


Except I only want to sync branches/1

Hello Jonah

This issue requires deeper investigation, could you please provide us with SubGit logs from the repository in question? They reside at path REPO/subgit/logs, we mainly interested in daemon and pre- and post-receive hooks logs.

I don’t have that log anymore. I think it may have been a coincidence. I originally ran into this problem: and then tried to rebuild.

I think the issue arises from trying to run subgit install repo.git after error without the --rebuild flag. It happened again after exiting an install with Ctrl-C was hanging, and then I had to force kill everything.

Hello Jonah

I agree that could be the reason, an interrupted install/import indeed may lead to issues like this sometimes. It’s hard to tell for sure without logs what exactly happened there, though, but the rebuild (or rebuild from a revision) should resolve this issue, so if you did run the rebuild, the issue should not be present anymore.

A fresh import succeeded this time with httpSpooling = true.

Thank you for letting us know, Jonah