Complete history is not coming from SVN to Bitbucket

There is need to migrate just one sub folder from SVN parent repository. But history is not coming properly.
Parent SVN Repo path: (Attached is the screenshot - SVNParentRepo)
The folders under were previously under and were recently moved.
Now, when we are migrating , complete history is not coming and the history comes only from the day the folders were moved from parent path /ecdit to /ecdit/SVNToGITMig/

Requirement is to move: (Screenshot attached)

We raised similar kind of issue before based of the suggestion, we used below configuration
but history is still not coming, might be we are missing something here. SG-248

trunk = SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/trunk:refs/heads/master
branches = SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/branches/:refs/heads/
tags = SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/tags/:refs/tags/
shelves = SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/shelves/:refs/shelves/

Bitbucket history snapshot
SVN History snapshot


Do I understand correctly that BACEmailer directory previously resided in the repository root and you intend to translate BACEmailer/trunk into ‘master’ branch in Git? If that is correct, then it can be done with the following mapping configuration:

trunk = SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/trunk:refs/heads/master
branches = BACEmailer/trunk:refs/heads/oldmaster

The SVN URL should be set to in this case.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will try this approach and get back to you.


We tried the provided mapping but still getting the same result. We are not getting any commit history prior the date when the folders were restructured.


could you please advise how did you apply the new mapping – just changed it in the existing repository or re-translated the repository from the very beginning with the new mapping? If the former case please re-translate the repository from the beginning; if you already did it and still no history, then it would require an investigation. Please collect the add-on logs on the Support tab in the add-on UI (Create ZIP feature) and also please provide the SVN repository history:

svn log -v


We re-translated the repository from the very beginning with the new mapping. Please find the zip.



Thank you for the logs, but I’m afraid we would need SVN logs, too – the add-on logs only reflect the translation process, they don’t provide enough information about what was changed in a particular SVN revision which is significantly meaningful for history absence cases like this. May we have the SVN log, too?


Attaching the svn logs as well.



thank you for the logs.

Judging from the SVN log, the BACEmailer directory has been added in revision 34950, but it looks that it’s just been created, not copied from another directory or moved from another place in SVN. So there is no way to determine its parent and thus there is no way to trace the history using the approach we discussed previously. However, I found that both directories inside /SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/trunk were copied from the same place /Data/Production/Application. In this case, you can use the original directories for the import, there’s no need to copy them into /SVNToGITMig/BACEmailer/trunk. You can use the following mapping configuration:

trunk = Data/Production/Application:refs/heads/master
includePath = /FileGeneratorApp
includePath = /Emailer

The ‘trunk’ line here maps the Data/Production/Application SVN directory to master branch in Git; the ‘includePath’ line only includes those to subdirectories into the import, so that the rest subdirectories will not appear in Git. The history will also be translated completely as the directories weren’t moved. Note, however, that if you establish two-way mirror between SVN and Git, then changes from Git will go to SVN, too.

Thanks for your response. We are trying the suggested mapping. We will update if that helps.

This has actually helped. We are able to see the history now.