Content missing in branches


We did a migration of subfolders of a parent repo. The structure of the SVN subfolder is shown in the attached screenshots.

Below are the two mappings that we have tried-
SVN URL was set to

trunk = Glacier-Rates/trunk:refs/heads/master
includePath = /Glacier
includePath = /gel_config
branches = Glacier-Rates/branches/:refs/heads/
tags = Glacier-Rates/tags/:refs/tags/

The issue is that after migration, few branches are appearing empty and showing no files whereas the corresponding svn path has content in it.
Attaching the screenshots and svn mirror log for reference.


svn-mirror-error (2.4 MB)


both the svn.excludePath and svn.includePath options are being applied to every branch and tag being translated – that is the add-on excludes (or includes) configured paths in trunk, every branch, and every tag.
You have set to include only two directories in the root folder of every branch – namely, the includePath settings:

includePath = /Glacier
includePath = /gel_config

will only preserve these two directories in every branch. If there are no such directories in a branch, it will end up empty, which happened to the RemScripts branch – there are no ‘Glacier’ and ‘gel_config’ in the ‘Glacier-Rates/branches/RemScripts’ directory in SVN, so SVN Mirror add-on includes nothing in that branch during translation, that’s why it’s empty.

I’m afraid there is no way to apply exact excludePath/includePath settings to every single branch, those settings always affect all branches and tags being translated. If you need to keep only ‘Glacier’ and ‘gel_config’ in trunk, but keep all the directories and files in other branches, then it’s better try to exclude directories with excludePath rather than use includePath as the excludePath would be more selective in this case. I must warn you, though, that some combinations are impossible to set up – for example, excluding a directory from one branch, but include a directory with the same name in another branch is definitely impossible.

As for the latest screenshot – this is the error of communication between frontend and backend that discussed in the adjacent thread.