Count of Git commiters is incorrect


we are succeffully using Subgit to migrate from Subversion to Git. We bought a license for 50 users.

Some user now are getting an error message:
“Up to 50 git committers are allowed; 51 git commiters have been found”

This can’t be true, so that we checked the commiters with the following command:

subgit register --print-committers ./…

This command shows us 45 committers.

What is the problem? Currently some users can’t work properly, the issue is urgent.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Christian Gilman

subgit register --print-committers ./…

Hello Christian,

most probably the push that the user is sending when the error appear adds 6 more committers – it looks like that user pushes a bunch of commits and authors in those commits don’t match with the registered authors.

Could it be the case here?

That seems not the case, but our developer is further testing it

The last time the error occurred, there was only one commit from one person.

Could it be the case then that besides that one new commit some older commits were changed and also pushed to the repository? Also, could it be the case that somebody pushes to another mirrored repository?

Our developer is currentyl checking your first guess. We don’t have mirrored repositories, so that

your second guess doesn’t fit.

I will write again after our developer checked your first guess.

Thanks for your help.