Counting number of Subgit users

On your website it says the “number of active Git users is the total number of users that pushed to Git with SubGit mirror installed”. We have a mixed situation: SVN and GitLab are both hosted at our institution; there are SVN users and repositories that are to be migrated to Git, as well as Git users that don’t use SVN anymore (migrated some time ago). Are all these users counted as Subgit users? The latter group won’t need SubGit. Or is the SubGit license calculated per mirrored repository, and its associated users?

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Pieter W. Groen
DIFFER - Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research

Hi Peter,

Your last assumption is correct: the number of users is calculated for the mirrored repositories only.
Please note, that if you have several mirrored repositories on the same server with the same license key, then the number of users will be total for all that repositories.

For more information about license types and users’ counting please see this:

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you very much for your (quick) response.

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