Did not receive registration email

Hi, I attempted to register for a SubGit Starter key, but have not received the email yet. I have used the same email address for a number of years without issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Demian Nave

Hello Demian,

could you please advise what exact email address have you used to register the key? I’ve checked out requests history but haven’t managed to find a request made on your name as if it never came, so I suggest to try once again or just let us know the email, we’ll generate a key for you.

Hi Ildar,

I sent the request again with the info I originally entered, no dice. Suspecting error checking on the “Name” field, I tried again with a simpler entry and that got it.

The “Name” that prevented the email from being sent was “Propulsor Technology, Inc.”, which I changed to just “Propulsor Technology”. I’ll remember to do this in the future.

Thanks for the help,