Disable and then remove SubGit

Dear Sir or Madame.
We have now completed our migration project from SVN to GitLab. Do you have any instruction on how t fully remove SubGit? Is this all that is required?

cd git@gitinternal:“/home/git-data/repositories/@hashed/12/53”
JAVA_HOME=/fserver/engine/jdk/linux/jdk-12 subgit-3.3.11/bin/subgit shutdown 1253e9373e781b7500266caa55150e08e210bc8cd8cc70d89985e3600155e860.git

Later on, to remove SubGit hooks entirely:

JAVA_HOME=/fserver/engine/jdk/linux/jdk-12 subgit-3.3.11/bin/subgit uninstall --purge 1253e9373e781b7500266caa55150e08e210bc8cd8cc70d89985e3600155e860.git


Hello Paul,

to remove SubGit from a Git repository run the following command:

subgit uninstall <REPO>

where REPO stands for the path to the repository. This command will leave some of SUbGit metadata in the repository, to completely remove everything add the purge option:

subgit uninstall --purge <REPO>

this will clear everything related to SubGit.

Hello ildar,

Thank you for your reply.

As you can probably imagine, I did no configure SubGit!

The Gitaly relative path to the repo is,


So I assume to uninstall I would use the command,

subgit uninstall @hashed/12/53/1253e9373e781b7500266caa55150e08e210bc8cd8cc70d89985e3600155e860.git

Hello Paul

yes, that’s right, it should be set like this.

Hello ildar,
Do you happen know why the notes left by the developer who installed SubGit would suggest using the shutdown command first?

subgit shutdown @hashed/12/53/1253e9373e781b7500266caa55150e08e210bc8cd8cc70d89985e3600155e860.git

The developer also included Java Environment Variable in the command. In this example Java is installed on a file server, do you know if this is required when using the uninstall command?

JAVA_HOME=/fserver/engine/jdk/linux/jdk-12 subgit-3.3.11/bin/subgit shutdown 1253e9373e781b7500266caa55150e08e210bc8cd8cc70d89985e3600155e860.git


subgit shutdown command stops actual mirror operations shutting down SubGit daemon and leaving all SubGit metadata in the repository thus making possible restarting the daemon later. The subgit uninstall command performs the shutdown by itself prior removing the metadata from the repository, so it’s not mandatory to run shutdown prior to uninstall yet it would not break anything, of course.
For some reason the developer preferred to use this particular JDK for SubGit, I’m not sure why exactly, may assume that the system JDK is somehow incompatible with SubGit and thus I would recommend using the same way to invoke all the SubGit commands.

Thank you for your advice, we ran the shutdown and then the uninstall command and everything looks good. Are you aware of any other clean up tasks we should be aware of?

Hello Paul,

No, there are no more SubGit-related clean up tasks, the uninstall (especially with purge) cleans out all SubGit metadata.