Disable shelves after repo creation

I created a mirror for our svn server but at creation I left shelves enabled, after that I disabled shelves in the config files but subgit keeps creating commits in the svn shelve branch

Hello Angelo,

do I understand correctly you have commented (or removed) the ‘shelves’ line in SubGit configuration file? Have you run ‘subgit install’ against this mirrored repository after that? If not, please run this command as it applies all the changes made to the configuration, add changes to the file is not enough to apply them.

@ildarhm I get an error:


error: Unable to activate configuration file ‘C:\xxxx\subgit\config’:
error: The following new mappings have been removed from [svn] section:
error: shelves/:refs/shelves/
error: tags/:refs/tags/
error: Only branches that are not yet present in Subversion history could be removed.
error: Revert these deletions and run ‘install’ command, or force rebuild with ‘–rebuild’ option.

@ildarhm doing a rebuild is not really an option, it would take days to run, our history has several hundredthousends commits

I’m afraid this is the only way to remove it from configuration: for repository consistency sake, SubGit indeed doesn’t support removing mappings already present in SVN without rebuilding the repository.