[Enquiry] SubGit version upgrade and SubGit - GitLab version compatibility

Hi TMate Support Team,

I have been looking up online but cannot find the following information anywhere. Seeking your help with below queries:

  1. Does SubGit 3.3.11 support latest GitLab 15.9.3 version?
    Full story - We are using SubGit 3.3.11 with GitLab 13.12.15 for about a year now without any issue. Recently there is a need to upgrade GitLab to latest current version 15.9.3, During the first rehearsal in test environment, existing SubGit setup works fine but in the second rehearsal, we ran into this issue Git object can't be accessed in the Git repository - #2 by ildar.khusainov , after apply this fix it seems to works but we are not sure if it is fully compatible hence the question.

  2. If SubGit 3.3.11 does not support GitLab 15.9.3, which SubGit version supports GitLab 15?

  3. How do we upgrade existing SubGit 3.3.11 setup for GitLab project to the latest version 3.3.16, can the upgrade be done without rebuilding the git commits tree?

Appreciate any help on this.
Thank you.