Error: svn: E204899: No space left on device

Even though we have so much of space left on device, the SVN migration fails saying No space left. I have checked this thread SGT-1093 of yours but could come to a conclusion. Can you please help with this? Attached the build log.

Could you please check where the most of the space is spent? ‘du’ utility might help with that. Is it because of too big log files? Or is the most of the disk space occupied by Git objects?

In the latter case you could interrupt translation using Ctrl+C, run “git gc” and continue using “subgit install” command.

It looks like there are few tar, zip, jar files where it is geting interrupted during migration process. Do subgit config file has any parameters that exclude the patterns having .tar, .zip etc?

We have 2T of space , whereas the repo is 8G in size, so there is no way of running out of disk space, the error is misleading, whats the reason for it?

Hello Naseem,
I have several ideas what this could be.

  1. Do you have HTTP spooling turned on in subgit/config?

With this option enabled SubGit writes the server response to the hard drive completely and only then it start processing it (instead of processing the data as it comes from SVN on the fly).

  1. You have SubGit 3.2.4 and internally it uses older JGit library with this bug: SGT-1219. So I would strongly recommend you to upgrade SubGit to the latest available version.

  2. There’s a chance that the bug described in (2) happened too often so that the log grew too large. In the older (3.2.4) SubGit version we kepts the logs in the user’s HOME directory instead of repository (and only then copied to the repository).
    If this is the issue upgrade to the latest SubGit version should help.

I would recommend you to make sure you have enough space not only on partition where the Git repository is located but also on the partitions with

  • HOME directory for the user on behalf of which the command is executed;
  • /tmp/ directory.
  1. Could you please attach the log file and SubGit config file to the issue as the error message recommends?
    error: svn: E204899: No space left on device
    error: Unexpected error has occurred; please report along with the logs (’/opt/jenkins/workspace/MISC_SVN2Git_Migration/’)
    error: to, thank you!

  2. Could you please run ‘du’ utility on your repository and its subdirectories to measure their size? This could be valuable information to understand what’s going on.

What about excluding certain files, you can achieve that using

option. It doesn’t speedup translation but prevents writing certain files on disk (the SVN server will still send them but they will be discarded locally).