Failed to uninstall SVN Mirror, uninstall command timed out

We have experimented some OOM problems in our BB Datacenter instance. Reviewing heapdump generated with Atlassian Support Team, they told us that most of heap is used by SVNMirror plugin.
BBDatacenter version Atlassian Bitbucket v5.12.0
SVNMirror version v3.4.3
We have 2GB of heap and we have 88 repos currently synchronized.
But one of them have been synchronizing since yesterday and we try to cancel the synchronization but it doesn’t end

We’ve tried to delete the whole repository, but we obtain this error:

{“errors”:[{“context”:null,“message”:“Repository deletion was canceled.”,“exceptionName”:“com.atlassian.bitbucket.repository.RepositoryDeletionCanceledException”,“details”:[“Failed to uninstall SVN Mirror, uninstall command timed out”]}]}

Aditionally this is our heap usage graph:

We have two questions:

  1. How can we force the repo deletion or cancellation
  2. How can we avoid the heap usage exception? Do you recomend other heap limits?


We have extended our heap to 8GB, and after reboot we’ve been starting to see heap peaks of 5GB.
But the svn synchronization is still in synchronization state forever and the cancel didn’t work.

Hello Jose,

glad to know the OOME appears to be overcome.

The add-on doesn’t stop the import process immediately – for the consistency sake, it usually finishes translating a revision that it handles and finishes its works after that. From the description, it looks that the add-on is busy translating a revision that introduces very big changes and this process causes the high heap consumption and takes much time so that the cancellation appears to hang. After that revision handling finish the process should be canceled, but it worth to take a look at what’s happening there. Could it be possible to collect add-on logs from that repository? They can be downloaded on Support tab in the add-on UI (Create ZIP button).

The process is finally paused.

thank you for letting us know.
I’d like to note that version 3.4.3 that you’re using is pretty old, the latest version for Bitbucket 5 is 3.4.8 were we resolved many issues, including some memory-related ones. I’d recommend updating the add-on to the latest version.