Git committer is translated to SVN instead of author (GitHub)


i really hope someone can help me here.

We connected GitHub to our SubGit repository using your documentation. Whenever we commit/merge from GitHub the commits look like follows:

author Authorname <authormail@…>
commit GitHub Enterprise <githubmail@…>

Documentation says:
Most often though, author and committer names are the same since most of the programmers commit their work by themselves. Also, SubGit works with Git author name, so committer name doesn’t mean much for the SVN-to-Git translation process.

However, in SVN we always see GitHub Enterprise (git committer, not author).

The GitHub Enterprise user is not in the authers.txt file, and also it should not be, we only care about the author of the commit.

What we also tried is to set the revisionProperties to set svn:author, but that didn’t work because it seems like the svn properties cannot be set at all. Could it be that a pre-revprop hook is preventing us to set the correct author? But why does subgit use the committer instead of the author as it is supposed to according to the documentation.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Philipp,

it looks that this our documentation article is a bit obsolete in this matter, sorry for that, we’ll change it shortly. The matter is that since v.3.3.6 SubGit uses committer’s name for the authors mapping by default. IT can be changed but the following setting:

    mapGitCommitter = false|true

When it’s true (default) SubGit uses committer name; when false – it uses author name. So in your case it should be set to false to use correct name.

That did it!!

Thank you so much!