Git X-Modules for Bitbucket Cloud

We are using the X-Modules add-on for Bitbucket Server now. But as you know, Atlassian won’t support server instances soon. We plan to switch to Bitbucket Cloud. Do you plan to implement an add-on for the cloud? If yes, when?

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your interest in Git X-Modules! First of all, I should mention, that not all self-hosted Bitbucket versions are going away soon. Although the Bitbucket Server is soon to be deprecated, Bitbucket Data Center is alive and well, and you could use Git X-Modules with it.

As for the cloud version, we are now developing our own Git X-Modules cloud SaaS, that will be working with all major Git clouds, including Bitbucket. It’s now in the public beta stage. and works with GitHub only. Please take a look at it to see, if it suits your needs: