Git X-Modules - Submodules done right!

Have you ever been struggling with code spread between several repositories? If yes, then you probably know, how troublesome the native Git Submodules could be. There are a few alternatives, but none of them removes the burden from the end user completely or is a fully supported commercial product.

We used our repository mirror technology, perfected by SubGit and SVN Mirror, to create a new solution for this case - totally server-side.

  • Add modules, selecting a branch and a path to include.
  • No need to run any special commands or follow a specific sequence of actions.
  • Users make no difference between external (module) files and their “parent” repository. One git push and git pull is good for all.
  • Any Git client is supported out of the box.
  • All updates to the external (module) repositories are fetched automatically.
  • Various ways to insert commits from external modules into the “parent” history.
  • Your favourite TMate Support!

The first version of Git X-Modules was released in September 2020 as an app for Bitbucket Data Center. A year later, a cloud version for GitHub also became available.

Try it out - and tell us what you think!