Gitlab EE runs in docker - subgit on host

We are runnig the latest docker image from gitlab/gitlab-ee:latest on CentOs8 Host. On this Host we have installed subgit 3.3.11.

I haven’t found any direction how to configure subgit to work with Gitlab in the docker container.
Is this a valid scenario, or do I have to install subgit inside the container?

Hi Josef,

SubGit is supposed to run on the same machine with GitLab – in the same container in case if GitLab is installed in a container, I’m afraid this is the only way to configure SubGit to work with GitLab directly.

Hi Ildar,
Thanx for ur reply. In the meantime we use the docker image from GitHub - cmarquardt/docker-gitlab-ee-subgit: A GitLab container (Enterprise Edition) with SubGit included
This works fine so far. We are just wondering why it uses gitlab 3.3.6 instead of 3.3.11. Are there known Problems using subgit later den 3.3.6 within a docker image?

Hi Josef,

no, there are no known issues using SubGit in a docker container; and there are no issues using SubGit with GitLab as long as SubGit is in the same container as GitLab.