GitLab repository is showing as empty after successful migration from svn

I am migrating from svn to GitLab version 11.6.0. I am using the subgit tool 3.3.17 for the same. After the migration, the GitLab UI from browser is showing the Repository as empty. But if I try to clone it to local, the repo is getting cloned successfully and all the files and folders are visible same as subversion.
Also once I do any commit from local repo and push the same, then the GitLab repo is getting listed in the GitLab UI with all the folders and files, along with the committed changes and history of svn also.

I already tried restarting the GitLab and it didn’t help in this situation.
Also, my GitLab 11.6.0 is not using the @hashed repositories. So, the SubGit was installed under the .git folder.

If you need the log files to further analyse, please share the email id. I will send the logs separately in an email.

version details

SubGit version :- 3.3.17
Git version :- 11.6.0
subversion version :- 1.7.14
OS :- centos 7

Please help me to fix this issue.