Help,Unable to find or load main class org.tmatesoft.svn .SVN

I downloaded svnkit from 1.10.2. But when I unzip and run it, I get an error:

‘C:\program’ is not an internal or external command, nor is it a runnable program or batch file

I have a general idea of the reason. My JDK is installed in the ‘C:\Program Files’ directory, so I modified jsvn.bat line 84 of the file, like this:

“%JAVACMD%” %JAVA_ OPTS% %EXTRA_ JVM_ ARGUMENTS% -classpath %CLASSPATH% org.tmatesoft.svn . cli.SVN %CMD_ LINE_ ARGS%

After modifying this, run again, or report an error:

Error, unable to find or load main class org.tmatesoft.svn .SVN,

I feel like it’s a jar package problem. I’m asking for help.

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Thanks for letting us know, it’s our mistake, I experience the same behaviour.

Until we publish a correct version, I can propose the following work-around: edit the launching script (jsvn.bat) to replace

“1.10.3-SNAPSHOT” with “1.10.2”

everywhere (2 occurrences). As you can see, the script expects svnkit-1.10.3-SNAPSHOT.jar and svnkit-cli-1.10.3-SNAPSHOT.jar files to be in the ‘lib/’ subdirectory but there’re 1.10.2 versions of them instead.

Once you make this fix, everything should work, though

jsvn --version


jsvn, version 1.10.1 (r10793)

for me. That’s another problem, we will solve it, too.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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With SVNKit 1.10.3 the problem should be now fixed.