How can we include one folder structure in Branch at the time of migration?

How can we include one extra folder structure from SVN repository in Branch at the time of migration with the help of SVN mirror?
As per the standard of SVN, there should be three folder structure in SVN i.e. tags, trunk and branches.
But in case we have one extra folder structure and we want to include that structure in Branches at Bitbucket side (at the time of migration) then what configuration changes we should do?
We do have following SVN structure:

  1. Rest_ARM_Packages/
  2. Trunk/
  3. branches/
  4. tags/

We opted Automatic Project Layout, we got below mentioned mapping:

trunk = Trunk:refs/heads/master
branches = branches/:refs/heads/
tags = tags/:refs/tags/

What we should add/append in this configuration, so that folder Rest_ARM_Packages should comes under branches?
Please help us with that.

Thanks & Regards,
Namit Narang


to get the Rest_ARM_Packages directory as a branch in Git just add a direct mapping for that branch to the configuration:

trunk = Trunk:refs/heads/master
branches = branches/*:refs/heads/*
branches = Rest_ARM_Packages:refs/heads/Rest_ARM_Packages
tags = tags/*:refs/tags/*

The Rest_ARM_Packages will appear in Git as a branch Rest_ARM_Packages after the import.

just in case, here is the manual describing mapping options:

@ildarhm : Thanks for your suggestion.
It’s work for us. You can close this ticket.