How can we increase enough time to check subgit solution

Dear Sirs,

I am working for SAMSUNG SDS is one of the biggest ICT company in Korea.
At present, our team is responsible for DevOps has been checking the solution for mirroring between SVN and GitLab.
I’m writing to request how we can increase enough time to check subgit solution. because it is not enough for us to check the solution. one time migration or mirroring for 7days is too short for us.
we hope that we can get more opportunities to check subgit.
If we can satisfy to complete to check subgit, then we want to buy it.
I hope to get reply mail. My e-mail is

Best regards,
Andy, hyunbae, lee


for such cases when 7 days is not enough for evaluation we provisioned an extended 30 days trial license. You can issue a new license key on the following page:

After you got the key, register every mirrored repository with the following command:

subgit register --key <path to key file>

Note, that on Linux this would require root permission as it need write to /etc/ by default.