How to Import SVN Project in Bitbucket using svn+ssh

Hi Team,

can you tell me how to Import SVN Project in Bitbucket using svn+ssh?

am using URL: svn+ssh:// and add the ssh private key, but which is failing

Manju NS


could you please advise what exact tool do you use for the migration – SubGit command-line tool or SVN Mirror add-on for Bitbucket server?

we are using svn mirror


to use ssh with the add-on set the svn+ssh url in the URL field, then select SSH Private Key in the Authenticate With drops-down list, fulfils the User field and either upload a private ssh key pressing the SSH Private Key button or configure SSH agent on the Bitbucket server and chose the Use SSH Agent checkbox:

With this configuration the add-on will be able to connect to SVN using ssh.