Http request header for added file causes put request to fail

Works with: org.tmatesoft.svnkit:svnkit:1.10.1
Affects: org.tmatesoft.svnkit:svnkit:1.10.3

In case of adding and modifying two files in my workingcopy, DAVCommitEditor might have set myBaseRevision >= 0.
On putting the file diff, a header value is set for the file to be added. Thus, the request fails with HTTP 404. Finally, I get an error message E155011: File is out of date

In closeFile method of DAVCommitEditor, why isn’t myBaseRevision method parameter taken from the DAVResource?

Hello Johannes,
Thanks for the report! I might have broken that at r10811 of SVNKit trunk while an attempt to fix the following issue:

If you describe minimal scenario to reproduce the problem, probably I could check it against the SVNKit version before and after r10811. If you send a patch with the fix that doesn’t break SVNKIT-760 and other basic scenarios, this would be even better.

Hello Dmitry,

SVNKIT-760 exactly describes the issue, I didn’t see that one.
Thus, I reported a duplicate.

Thanks for having fixed the issue!

Hello Johannes,

The SVNKit v1.10.4 has been released. It includes a fix to the problem you reported. Please download the new version here.