I am unclear on how include and exclude branches works:

I have an existing mirror already set up.

For various reasons I want to reduce the amount of directories that are covered.

If I set includePath are other paths ignore by default or do I need to exclude all paths and then reinclude the ones I need?

Hi Steve,

yes, includePath only includes explicitly mentioned paths ignoring all the rest, so if you only need a few directories, this would be the best choice. In its turn, the excludePath setting excludes paths that explicitly mentioned in the configuration, so it’s better to be used if a few paths are to be excluded.
Note, that these settings can be applied on the fly, but if a certain path has been included from the very beginning and then excluded at some point in time, then the directory won’t be removed from the Git repository – instead, it will not be synchronized anymore, but still present in the repository.

Perfect thanks.
Just to make sure I understand, I would use something like:

IncludePath = /path1
IncludePath = /path2/subpath
IncludePath = /Path3

to mirror path1, path2/subpath and Path3 from now on assuming they were in the mirror previously?

yes, that’s right

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