Keep deleted branches in SVN to Git migration

Hello there

We’d like to migrate our existing SVN repositories to Git and have tested Subgit, which is amazingly fast. However, we’d like to retain deleted branches in git, maybe with a prefix. For example, let’s consider the branch /branches/feature_foobar in SVN, which was created in revision 100 and deleted in revision 200, with the repo currently being at revision 300. When you browse the SVN repo between these two revisions (100 - 200), the branch is visible, i.e. the history is still accessible, even though it is not present in revision 300.
Now, when migrating the repo with subgit, the branch is not present anymore, which means its history is lost (whether keeping branches around or not is a different discussion, it’s a requirement for the migration imposed by other stakeholders).
Is there any option or way to keep this branch around when using subgit to migrate the repository?¨
Thanks a lot and have a nice day.