Licence suddenly goes in evaluation mode

Hey i have createt 44 subgit repos that link svn to my gitlab server. Now i added the repo nr. 45 and suddenly it says: “You are using SubGit in evaluation mode.
Your evaluation period expires on February 7, 2023 (in 7 days).”

Sreenshot nr. 44:

Screenshot 45 in reply (since i can only upload 1 picture somehow)

Why am i suddenly in evaluation until 7.2.2023 when i have a licence that expires 17.3.2023 ?

Screenshot repo nr 45:

Hello Samuel,

a mirrored repository is not licensed unless it registered with the license key. It looks that all the rest repositories have been registered once and that’s why they don’t report trial; but the new one is unregistered yet. To register it run the following command:

subgit register --key <path to the license key> <path to the repository>

This command edits some files in etc so better to run it on behalf of root. After registering the “trial” message won’t appear anymore.

hello ildar

thanks for the fast reply.
On the screenshot you can see that i installed it (@hashed/bf/a0/…) and then i registered it with the key.

I did it the same way 44 times and it never displayed the evaluation message after the install but after the 45th repository it suddenly displayed the message with the evaluation.

So to conclude: Even if this evaluation message appears i can ignore it since i will register it with my key?

Ok i did it with the 46th repository and it didnt display any evaluation message after the install so i proceeded with the registering and it worked like before.
I dont know why it displayed it with the 45th repository after the install but i think it can be ignored right?

yes, it can be ignored, it will disappear after registering.

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thank you!