migrar svn a git

Necesito migrar un proyecto de svn con su histórico de commit a git, pero no sé si el plugin subgit me sirve para ésto.


Hello Carmen,

thank you for reaching out to us on that matter!

Sorry, but I’m afraid we don’t have colleagues that talk Spanish, we usually provide support in English, hope it would be OK.
SubGit is definitely the right tool for the SVN to Git migration, is was designed specifically for that and it allows to migrate an SVN repository with its history and all the revisions to Git. Moreover, it not only allows to perform one-time migration but also allows using both SVN and Git at the same time keeping both sides synchronized so that the team can use the version control system they prefer. Here are a couple of our articles that describe one-time import and mirror approaches:

but of course don’t hesitate contacting us had you got any question, we’re always glad to help!