Migrating multiple SVN projects to GitLab

We’re thinking of moving our svn repo to gitlab. The problem is that we have multiple projects on single svn repo and we don’t want to lose history when we move to gitlab. Does your tool offer the posibility to migrate single svn repository with multiple projects to multiple gitlab repositories (single repo per project) together with history of projects?
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Hello Bostjan!

Thank you for your interest in our products!

Yes, both our SVN-to-Git migration tools SubGit and SVN Mirror add-on for Bitbucket server are able to perform such a migration keeping history of every project – in fact, multiple projects per SVN repository is a “standard” case for the migration. SVN Mirror add-on only supports Bitbucket server, but SubGit command-line tool is able to work with almost any self-hosted Git server including GitLab. Here is our article that describes GitLab setup with SubGit:

TMate SubGit: SubGit for GitLab

Migration to GitLab cloud is also possible, yet in this case an interim SubGit server will be needed as SubGit requires direct access to Git server filesystem and this is not able to work with cloud services directly. The following article describes such a setup in details:

TMate SubGit: SubGit for GitHub

It uses GitHub as an example, but the setup is the same for any remote Git service, including GitLab cloud.
And one more guide that describes possible SVN repositories layouts and appropriate mapping configurations for them:

TMate SubGit: Branches and tags mapping

SVN repository layout may be tricky and it’s crucial to create an appropriate mapping to import a project to Git in a proper way.

Hope the above will help; but don’t hesitate contacting us had you got any questions or faced any issues!