Moving the repo


I need to move our Gitlab repo to be in a different project group in Gitlab.
It looks like this will change the path so I assume this will break the mirror.

To ensure continuity of service would I need to:

  1. Stop the mirror
  2. Move the repo
  3. Install the mirror again pointing at the new repo’s location.
  4. Copy over the old author’s file (we have several duplicates email addresses that need to be consolidated).

Is there anything else?

Hi Steve,

a running mirror will definitely be broken by moving, so stopping the mirror before the move is essential. Other than that I have nothing to add to the steps you mentioned… yet I’d recommend moving the authors file prior to start the mirror. Also, it may worth moving custom hooks if there are any. Also essential to have right file permissions and, if it’s still on the GitLab server, the mirror should be started on behalf of git user.

Being as we do not have any custom hooks, your suggestion would be:

  1. Stop the mirror.
  2. Move the repo.
  3. Install the mirror again pointing at the new repo’s location.
  4. Move the author’s file.
  5. Start the mirror (ensuring it is as the git user).

It looks I got the third point wrong, I though you meant running the subgit install command saying “Install the mirror again”. Could you please advise what is the point 3 actually supposed to mean?

Sorry for any confusion:

I meant run this:

subgit install path/to/repo.git

I was looking here:

But what the point 5 is about then?
My idea was to have the following steps

  1. Stop the mirror.
  2. Move the repo.
  3. Move the author’s file.
  4. Start the mirror (subgit install) on behalf of git

Sorry - I did not read my own text properly (I am flicking between several conversations!)

Point 3 should read Move the repo to it’s new location

As in use the Gitlab move project feature to move it.

It looks for me coinciding with point 2, but anyway, the steps looks good then – stopping, moving, placing authors file, and starting the mirror again.

Yeah you are right - I really need to slow down when juggling tasks and proof read what I am writing! Apologies!

Thanks for your help!

No problem at all, glad that we cleared everything out)
Yet I’d like to note I’m not sure if the Gitlab move project feature move all the content of the project, so better to check if all the files are moved to the new location, it may omit at least some of SubGit’s, I’m afraid.

Righto, thanks