New version of Git X-Modules for Bitbucket released!

A new version of Git X-Modules for Bitbucket Server/Data Center has finally been released - full of new features and improvements!

New features

  • Advanced module options (selective sync):
    • Root path - choose, which directory in the other repository to include
    • Exclude paths - specify patterns to exclude
  • Paused modules: When creating a new branch from a branch with modules, choose whether to inherit the module files only, or to turn on module sync for the new branch
  • Manual sync button: If your modules were not synchronized due to any issue (e.g. incorrect permissions), click on the “Sync” button next to the error message.


  • Branch permissions are now fully supported
  • Support ZIP now includes all selected logs
  • You may now add modules from the same source to several branches of the same repository independently
  • Many other fixes and improvements