NPE during subgit configure - subgit version 3.3.10


I want to configure and run one-time SVN repository import. During ‘subgit configure’ NPE ocurs.

Something is missing in my configuration or is it a bug? Please provide fix.

Attached you can find anonymized logs for NPE during subgit configure. I’ve run it with Java 8 and 15, both logs are included. (4.2 KB)

Hello Peter,

thank you for reporting this issue.

It does not look that something wrong with the configuration, but we’re not yet sure about bug, too. We are investigating the issue, I’ll be keeping you informed on the progress.

Hello Peter,

we are still working on our new release and have just implemented a fix for your problem with the ‘configure’ command. It works well in our environment, but we would like to make sure if it works in yours. May I ask you to try to use the new release? It can be downloaded from the following page:

Choose “Login as guest” when it will ask for login.

Hello Ildar,

NPE still exists, attached is new stacktrace. (496 Bytes)

Hello Peter,

thank you a lot for your feedback!

We’ll investigate the issue further, I’ll be keeping you informed on the progress.

Hello Peter,
may I ask you to send the repository you have to the moment when the NPE happens? This should help us reproduce and fix the problem.

At this stage the Git repository doesn’t contain any content from the SVN repository, only “svn log”, e.g. the names of changed paths SubGit uses to generate branches mappings. We will try to reproduce the problem on it.

While we’re trying to fix the problem as a temporary work-around I can propose manual branches mapping. The following article might help:

Hello Dmitry,

sorry, to sent repository is not possible (legal reasons). If you use some 3rd party lib you can suspect, is it possible to switch on logging for that library?

I’m afraid logging wouldn’t be enough unless the amount of information logged is compared with the content of Git repository at this stage (i.e. before any SVN revision is translated). So if you can’t send Git repository to us, I see no way to proceed (of course we could fix the message but the state of Git repository is unexpected, this would only mask the problem).

Maybe there would be the last thing to try: delete Git repository and retry ‘configure’ from scratch. I wonder if the error is reproducible after that.

I hope the work-around I described above works for you, so for you the issue is not blocking.


tried with provided 3.3.11, from scratch (no GIT repository exists), NPE occurs. Bare GIT repository is created, content:
/branches - empty
/hooks - empty
/logs/refs/heads - empty
/objects/00-ff - data inside
/objects/info - empty
/objects/pack - empty
/refs/heads - empty
/refs/svn/history - content inside (ascending, first, last, last-known, location)
/refs/svn/history/layout - content inside (first, last, notes, origin)
/refs/tags - empty
HEAD - content inside
config - content inside
repositoryformatversion = 0
filemode = true
bare = true
logallrefupdates = true
bigFileThreshold = 1m
autodetach = false

If these data are not enough, let’s close this, I cannot provide more data for analysis.

Thanks, for the information, unfortunately this data is not enough, as we need refs/svn/history content together with corresponding Git objects, not only the fact of its presence. So let’s close the issue.