One local SVN repos to many subgit repos?

Consider an svn repository which is stored on disk in “/svn”, and under which (eventually) they settle on the structure of




I’m trying to create distinct git repos for each ^/repos/

The first goes fine, but then when I try to subgit config /svn/repos/Proj02 it tells me

SubGit version 3.3.12 ('Bobique') build #4419


error: The repository at '/svn' is already configured.

Is what I’m doing possible with a local svn repository path, or will I need to resort to using svn+ssh:// urls for each?

(I’m trying to do them individually because a- different authors files, b- only want 2 of the N sub-repos, c- kinda want to ditch the repos prefix in the destination git paths)

This is also reminding me that “configure” needs a “–overwrite” option as well as options for providing the authors.txt file and any custom config options (e.g. [translate] values)

Hello Oliver,

It is perfectly possible to translate those SVN projects to a distinct Git repositories, but it should be done in the remote SubGit mode. Using the local (starting with /) paths to SVN you have configured a local mirror instead – this is SubGit mirror mode when SubGit stores the Git repositories inside the SVN repository itself, and in this mode they can be configured only once, indeed, that’s why the error appears. The local mode is actually deprecated, we don’t recommend starting new mirrors using local mode using the remote mode instead. For that, use the file:// URLs instead of local paths:

subgit configure --layout auto --trunk trunk file:///svn/repos/Proj02 proj02.git

In this case the Git repository will be created where you intend to place it, outside of the SVN repository.
SubGit’s configure command does not provide much options, indeed, but only because it is not supposed to do all the work. The main purpose of the command is to prepare the Git repository and the mapping configuration, possibly based on the SVN history (with layout auto), further customization is supposed to be performed in the configuration file.