Payement of Subgit License


I contact you doday as I have a problem paying my Subgit license for one year for 25 people. Indeed once I am on the payment page and filled in bank data and when I validate I am redirected to a blank page without any error message or information.

I’ve tried three or four times and I have the same issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello CHADILI Fahd,

sorry to hear it went wrong.

I have just re-сhecked on our side, but haven’t found any issues, the purchase has been made correctly. I only found one your purchase attempt made on February, 7th, could you please advise is that the one you got the problem with? If yes, could you please try to do it once again, it might have been just a temporary connection issue.
If that is not the one and you tried to make the purchase today, then it looks the issue happens even before sending any data to us that may indicate it’s either an issue with the browser or with the connection. Could you please try to perform the purchase in another web browser and, if possible, check if the connection, too?


Thank you first for your quick response.

I tried to make the payment last Friday, February 3 around 6pm.

I will try again with other browser but normally my connection seems ok.