Permission problem with gitlabs

On a linux box we have installed subgit to mirror an svn repo, git is served by gilabs, we run into permission problems because gitlabs runs under the git user and subgit doesen’t, when giltab adds new files subgit can’t acces them, I couldn’t find in the doc how to run subgit under the git user.

Hello Angelo,

here is the article that describes SubGit with on-premise GitLab setup:

TMate SubGit: SubGit for GitLab

With on-premise GitLab SubGit indeed should be running on behalf of git user. To run SubGit this way switch to the git user using either sudo of su command: that is, being logged as root invoke the following command:

su git

and then run the SubGit command you need, they’ll start on behalf of the git user.
Another approach is to use sudo:

sudo -u git <command>

but it should be used with every command.
It would also worth to change the file owner from root to git for all files prior to run any new commands.