Please deploy JARs with OSGi headers to Maven Central

At the moment, there exist two variants of the SVNKit (and SQLJet, etc.) JARs:

  1. JARs (e.g., com.tmatesoft.svnkit:svnkit:1.10.3) with minimal manifest (empty except for Manifest-Version) are deployed to Maven Central
  2. JARs with a BND-generated OSGi manifest are released as part of the Eclipse update site

As the Eclipse Plug-in Development Tools and also Tycho have recently learned to consume OSGi bundles straight from a Maven repository, it would be great if the JARs deployed to Maven Central also had OSGi manifests.

IMHO, this has several advantages:

  • These is no need to have two kinds of JARs anymore and hence no risk of inconsistencies.
  • A Tycho-based build cannot, at the moment, consume the SVNKit update sites, as they still use the pre-p2 update site format (as discussed in this forum post). Letting Tycho consume the OSGi-JARs from Maven Central would offer an alternative solution.

Can you please consider this?