Plugin hanging while trying to import

Plugin is in same state for hours while trying to import. I have attached screenshot for reference

Hello Sambit.

This may happen if the SVN project we are trying to import has quite a long history: with the “Automatic Configuration” in the “Subversion Project Layout” the add-on first connects to the SVN project, scans its history and creates a suitable branches and tags configuration and initial authors mapping for import.

If you want to omit this stage, you may use “Manual Configuration” layout – in this case, the add-on creates a “standard” layout that you may change manually to reflect your SVN project layout. The add-on does connect the SVN server in this case, too, but it only scans history for revisions authors to create authors mapping that is much quicker.

If the add-on hangs at the same stage too long time, it indeed may be evidence of some problems. If that’s the case, please provide us with the SVN Mirror add-on logs, both global, that resides at the following path:


and repository-specific logs from the repository in question:


REPO_ID can be found on the Repository Settings - Repository Details tab.
Additionally, could you advise if this issue is only observed in this particular repository or it happens in any repository on this server?