Pre-receive hook issue

Hello all,

I have had a subgit mirror set up and working well for months.
My engineers are increasinly getting an error message:

Something went wrong in the pre-receive hook. Please try again

when they try to merge into master.

I have looked in the pre-receive.0.log file but I cannot see any errors. Is there anywhere else I need too check?

Our licence count is 88 out of 100 and this is the only pre-receive hook that runs. The error does not happen every time but it is getting more frequent.

Hello Steve,

the message doesn’t seem like a message SubGit produces; and if there are no messages in the pre-receive log of that repository, then in may indicate that it’s indeed not SubGit that generate the message. Could it be some custom feature added to some of the hooks?
As for the other places to check, it may worth to check at least the SubGit daemon log of the affected repository, it should contain all the error that comes from hooks. If there’s nothing, then the overall setup should be checked. Do I understand correctly there are 88 developers who push to this repository, but only one of them is affected?

Thanks I will check that file.

There are 88 developers who push to the repo and this message occurs occasionally. Apparently it is happening quite often to one particular developer.