Problems to Setup SVN Mirror

Hi team,

I’m trying to configure SVN Mirror in my Bitbucket Local instance (Installed with docker), but I’m getting errors when running a test connection. My SVN instance is loaded on my local computer, and I would like to know if this could be the cause of the problem??

Could you help me ??

Thank you in advanced

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Jhonnathan Diaz

Hello Jhonnathan,

this error means that the computer name DESKTOP-OT24SK1 that you’ve set in the URL field is unknown and cannot be resolved to an IP address, which is required in order to connect to the mentioned server. If the SVN server is running on the same computer as Bitbucket server, then you can just use localhost as the hostname in the URL:


or use the loopback address or real IP address of your computer:
http://<IP address>/svn/Test

replace the placeholder in the last example with the real address.

If, however, your Bitbucket is running in a docker container, while the SVN is in the host OS, then the connection may not be that easy and depends on how your Docker software is configured, here are more details on that:

Hope it will help.

Hello Iildar,

Thank you for you quick response!

I’m going to check the documentation about Docker configuration because maybe the problem involved is related to a Docker’s network setting up.

Thak you!

Best Regards

Jhonnathan Diaz