Problems when tagging with jsvn copy - can failWhenDstExists be controlled?


I recently switched a build from native svn binaries to the svnkit commandline scripts, because I needed the flexibility to install svn versions without considering operating system limitation.

Everything worked great until, by accident, a tag was created twice. Up until I switched to SVNKit, this was prevented by svn not allowing commits to already existing urls. With SVNKit however, the second tagging operation creates a folder inside the existing tag and commits there.

After browsing the sources, i think it might be due to failWhenDstExists=false in the SVNCopyCommand:

if (dst.isURL()) {
            SVNCommitInfo info = client.doCopy(copySources, dst.getURL(), false, getSVNEnvironment().isParents(), **false**,
                    getSVNEnvironment().getRevisionProperties(), getSVNEnvironment().isPinExternals(), null);

If this is so: Is there a way to control this behavior from the cli? Otherwise I’d suggest adding this as a commandline option or configuration value.

Thank you a lot!