Question about hook script and stopping the mirror

Hi Support,

We have bitbucket with the SVN mirror plugin to do bi-directionary sync to SVN.

When user do the merge in bitbucket, it will be sync back to SVN due to the bi-directional sync. Will the hook script on the SVN side run user trying to merge to bitbucket side ? Or to be more precise, will SVN hook script triggered when subgit doing the sync from bitbucket to SVN ?

Another question for SVN Mirror plugin, if we want to stop bi-directional sync between bitbucket and SVN. What needs to be done ? Just click the Disable button under the SVN mirror for the corresponding repository ? Or we should uninstall the mirror ? Any differences between the two ?


Hi Terry.

Yes, SVN hooks will be triggered when SubGit/SVN Mirror addon do the sync from Git to remote SVN repository. Actually, SubGit acts as a regular SVN client so it creates revisions as a normal SVN client do thus triggering hooks that should be triggered.

You can choose any of the two to stop the mirror, they both do stop the synchronization. The difference is that the ‘Disable’ button only stops the mirror leaving all the mirror settings (mapping configuration, needed references, etc.) in place, so you can re-enable the mirror at any moment without the need to re-create the configuration (note, though, that if there were new revisions in SVN and new commits in Git while the mirror was down, then the mirror re-enabling may not be possible). The ‘Uninstall’ button stops the mirror and removes all the mirror configuration information, so if you later decide to restore the mirror you will need to configure it almost from scratch.

Hi IIdar,

Thanks. One last thing to confirm: If we “uninstall” the mirror, the repository data will be still available ? ie. the uninstall is just to uninstall the mirror configuration but not the repository data ?


Yes, the repository data will be still available, only mirror service information will be cleared.