I am contacting you please regarding a Subgit license that I purchased but cannot register.

I keep getting this error message that I don’t understand:

error: SubGit is not yet installed at ‘/src/gitlab/git-data/repositories/@hashed/71/ee/71ee45a3c0db9a9865f7313dd3372cf60dca6479d46261f3542eb9346e4a04d6.git’

Thank you in advance for your return.


Hello Fahd,

this error appears because the licence registration is only needed for mirrored repositories, that supposes that SubGit has already installed in the repository. So, to register a repository with SubGit license the repository should first be configured with SubGit and then the mirror should be started with the subgit install command which installs SubGit into the repository and starts the mirroring. Here are a little more details on the process:

TMate SubGit: SubGit for GitLab

After the mirror is established and the initial replication is done, it will be possible to register the repository with the license key as it’s described here:

TMate SubGit: Remote Book

Note, that a repository registration requires root permissions as it writes to /etc/subgit; the mirror, on the other hand, should be established on behalf of the git user on GitLab, otherwise (in case, for example, if the mirror is established on behalf of root user) the mirror won’t be able to work correctly.

Hope it will help.


Thanks for the quick return.

It’s very clear.

Thank you.