Repository syncronization gets stuck after restart of bitbucket server

After a restart of the bitbucket server SVN Mirror got stuck on the synchronization process not allowing the users to push changes with the following message:

remote: SVN Mirror add-on is upgrading metadata for this repository.
remote: Retry this operation in a moment.

Verstion of bitbucket is 5.15.0 and the version of SVN Mirror was not the latest.
Tried updating to the latest version, 3.4.10 as some bugs were mentioned regarding the synchronization process but still the problem remains.

I cannot even access anymore the configuration from the UI but it fails with a timeout.

Uninstalling and installing the plugin had no effect.

Is there any way to remove the configuration of what needs synchronization ? The synchronization in our place is only needed for some old systems that do not receive regular updates

Hello Jose,

it’s not completely clear what is happening there; the “upgrading metadata” message should only appear after upgrading from pretty old version to a modern one – old versions had old metadata structure and it’s being upgraded in there repositories when the add-on is upgraded. So it’s not clear why this message appeared in the first place. Could you please advise, does this message still appear now? Is it possible to clone this repository now? Also, regarding the add-on UI – is the issue only present in this particular repository UI or the add-on UI is not available in other repositories? What about the administrating UI?
To find out what is the current mirror state and how to resolve the issue we would need to check the add-on logs, could you please collect the from the affected repository? If can be done in the add-on UI, on the Support tab (Create ZIP feature). If the add-on UI is still unavailable in the repository, logs can also be collected in the administrator UI, also on the Support tab. If that is not possible, too, then the only option is to collect logs right from the Bitbucket Server filesystem: we would need add-on logs that reside at the following path:


then, the global add-on log:


and at least a couple of latest Bitbucket logs: